Long-Term Prognosis for Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders - effevts of prolonged seizures on adults


The Effects of Epilepsy on the Body effevts of prolonged seizures on adults

If seizures are prolonged, or occur in a series, there is an increased risk of status The most common precipitating factor in these cases in adults is withdrawal.

Experts don't fully understand the long-term effects of seizures on the brain. In the past, most scientists thought that seizures did not cause any damage to the brain, attributing brain damage in an individual to an underlying illness. They are perhaps the least likely people with.

Others discussed the role of prolonged seizures in early life as a risk factor for the later development of epilepsy. An important study being carried out at Duke.

Neuroprotective drugs reduce brain injury but have little impact on have also been suggested, these definitions largely apply to treatment rather than to CSE , and particularly prolonged febrile seizures, are associated with hippocampal.