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Schwinn OCC Chopper Stingray Bicycle Bike Black Frame with Silver Flames. Schwinn Stingray Chopper Bike Part Frame Red With Black & Yellow Flame. Schwinn Stingray Bike OCC Chopper Adult Spoiler Black/Red Limited Edition.

RCB -- Old Skool Chopper. $ Retro Banana Cruiser -- All Chrome. Retro Banana Cruiser -- All Chrome. $ Retro Sting 26 Candy Purple. $

I wanted to get the proportions, look, and feel close to a s Schwinn Stingray fastback but full-sized for me to ride and using modern.

Adult Schwinn Stingray (sorry if already posted) See OCC Schwinn Stingray choppers we've rat rods & cruisers, e-bikes or ones with gas and .