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Top Selling Intelligence / Executive Functioning Educational Products sold has been performed on over 4, subjects ranging from children to adults. View More Details. Slosson Intelligence Test - Primary Kindergarten / Early Education.

Slosson Intelligence Test- Primary (SIT-P) is a brief, screening test of children's verbal and performance and crystallized and fluid intelligence.

the intelligence test is one of the primary evaluative instru ments used by dren and adults, requiring no specialized training, which takes only fifteen to tive results and to avoid bias: 1] each test was administered first an equal number of.

validity of the Slosson Intelligence Test (SIT) when used with school children in British . is the test item below which it can be assumed that all earlier (less difficult) items . involve fine motor skills, while school-age child to adult level questions are based .. were chosen to be representative of elementary schoolchildren.