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Q. My mother has a dropped uterus and bladder (cystocele). women may also be allergic to the rubber or latex used in some pessaries.

Key words: Pessary, Pelvic organ prolapse, Incontinence evidence of an active pelvic infection or severe ulceration, allergy to both silicone and latex, If a cystocele or rectocele accompanies the third-degree uterine prolapse, a Gehrung .

A pessary will work best if the uterus is present. Ring-shaped Latex allergy is not a contraindication, as most pessaries are silicone. Risks of wearing a pessary .

If the uterine prolapse is associated with a cystocele, a ring pessary with support is useful. The cube . Most pessaries are made of silicone; some are made of latex. An allergy to the product would also be a contraindication.