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Peter Thumb (–) was an Austrian architect whose family came from the Vorarlberg, the today westernmost part of Austria. He is best known for his.

Der Struwwelpeter is an German children's book by Heinrich Hoffmann. It comprises ten In Die Geschichte vom Daumenlutscher ("The Story of the Thumb-Sucker"): A mother warns her son Konrad not to suck his thumbs. Shockheaded Peter () is a British musical opera by The Tiger Lillies. that combines.

One day, Mamma said, "Conrad dear, I must go out and leave you here. But mind now, Conrad, what I say, Don't suck your thumb while I'm away. The great tall.

Your Thumbs During Shockheaded Peter. By John Heilpern • 11/01/99 am. The most wonderful theater you could wish to see in New York-or.