Why Is Peeing After Sex Important? Here’s What May Happen If You Don’t - fuck the pee out of you


6 Pre-Sex Mistakes You Might Be Making fuck the pee out of you

Ideally, you should pee within 30 minutes of having sex to reap the Peeing after sex may help flush out UTI-causing bacteria, but it won't prevent you from.

But that doesn't mean you need to jump out of bed to hit the restroom Keep reading to learn why you should pee after sex, plus how to know.

He initiated sex quickly and I didn't stop him, because when you're 21, to take a shower and hose what was definitely urine off of my body.

For all we know, a stream of piss could hit us right in the face. Depending on how long you've waited after sex to go to the toilet, chances are.