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What Is a Semen Facial? - Why Do Guys Like to Ejaculate on Your Face do girls liek facials

Why some women prefer it when a guy ejaculates on their face. 3 Women Get Brutally Honest About Why They Love or Hate Facials . I'm an incredibly sexual girl wrapped up in an innocent, doe-eyed exterior, so having.

19 men and women tell us why they love sperm facials Sex Sperm There's something really hot about sperm on the face or a girl swallowing.

Do women prefer mostly facials or cum in the mouth? The last time I covered this girls whole face and she wasn't too happy. What do you prefer? 17, Views.

Lastly, let's explore one of the most controversial topics: Facials! (Photo: Bad Girls Bible). Not surprisingly, way more men than women enjoy.