Why are South African women buying 'punani fruit' for their vaginas? - dried fruit that resembles a vulva


Woman's Husband Likes Her to Leave Fruit in Her Vagina All Day So He Can Eat it Later dried fruit that resembles a vulva

Dec 17, A Chinese dried fruit delicacy is selling like hot cakes in the Free State the mythical tight vagina may say as much about our understanding of.

Sep 30, Since the Garden of Eden fruit and veg has been used in sexual metaphor. of the other busted penis/vagina lookalikes on this list, such as.

Mar 2, There are lots of exciting ways to eat an apple. You can bake it in a pie, you can slice it up into small pieces, you can eat it whole, or, for some.

Feb 14, My husband loves leaving fruit in my vagina all day so he can eat it later Your vagina is like a self-cleaning oven. If you want to make sure she is clean and not smelly, just make sure you keep it clean and dry down there.