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Feline and Canine Pseudocoprostasis - matted anal hair in cats and dogs long haired cat anus

Pseudocoprostasis is a fairly common problem for long-haired cats. As I peeked at the dirty mat of fur around his anus, a putrid stench.

Over the years, my attitude toward scooping poop has become increasingly nonchalant. Also known as dingleberries, butt crusties occur when a part of a crusty clumper or a juicy clinger attaches itself to the floofy hair surrounding a cat’s butt. They can be used to wipe down your.

Overview Cats and dogs with long hair have a lot of grooming matters to attend to —and that includes paying close attention to the long hair on their hindquarters.

However, in longer-haired cats, matted bottom fur creates a stinky, smelly mess. Give your kitty Brush the matted hair away from the cat's anus. Lift the tail with.