Brutal 'penis torture chambers' used to stop men masturbating in the Victorian era discovered - penis torture stories


Sexual Torture in Chinese Prisons: ‘No Limits to the Perversion’ penis torture stories

HORRIFYING and agonising penis “torture chambers” from the Victorian era Another one, called a jugum, was a spiked ring that was fitted around the base of the penis. Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team?.

Read Chapter 3 from the story The Torture Room- Victim 1: Jamie by RachelMcLacey with reads. jennifer, It took some of the pain away from his penis.

Stories from inside Assad's torture network: 'When they started to turn the and held up a sharpened metal pole and a clamp for my penis.

A WOMAN ALSO INVENTED A PENIS TORTURE DEVICE Dr Woolf tells us the story of a man named George Drysdale () who.