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Puritan scholar Dr. Francis Bremer is coming to Boston to debunk the myth surrounding Puritans and sex in a talk at the Old South Meeting House. toward Victorian morality in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Puritans.

Sarah: Today we're talking about sex and the Puritans. I know . long-term relationship with another man, lived with him for almost twenty years. .. in Eighteenth-Century America,” OAH Magazine of History (July ),

There are many caricatures and misinformation when it comes to how Christians through the ages have viewed sex in marriage. In Dr. Joel R.

Erotic Fiction, Puritan Censorship And Gynaecological Detail. Jack Fritscher, the award-winning author of hundreds of stories and articles and 20 books, is about as editor-in-chief of the legendary international leather magazine Drummer. That shock of recognition is the heart of erotica when sex and desire validate.