Nunc™ MicroWell™ Well Microplates - flat bottom microtiter plate


96 Well Plate Flat Bottom at Thomas Scientific flat bottom microtiter plate

Falcon® 96 Well Clear Assay Plate is comprised of clear not treated polystyrene. UV Plate 96 Well, Flat Bottom, Cs 96 Well Non-Sterile, Clear Flat Bottom Plates without Lid.

Krystal 96 Well Microplate, Black, Bottom Flat, µl Well Capacity, Qty. Opaque Clear Bottom 96 Well Plate These plates should be used when light cross talk is important to avoid. Corning® 96 Well Black Flat Bottom Polystyrene NBS™ Microplates.

Compare Flat Bottom Microplates (well) from leading suppliers on Biocompare. Microplate 24 well, clear bottom, black, sterile, cell culture, with lid .

well non-treated polystyrene flat bottom plate without lid, sterile, 2/sleeve, / case.