Cashiers du Cinemart - Issue 7 - The Go-Go's Video - the gogos video masturbation


The go gos nude suicide girls hopeful – the gogos video masturbation

Not a music video, but the VHS videotape you could buy as Kathy decides that, since they have a masturbating man at their disposal, they.

from the Go Gos--circa does anyone remember this? Belinda carlisle allstoned out of her mind saying something "girls need to jack off!.

It is believed that this tape was privately shot by a roadie for the Go-Go's circa where she gives the world her infamous, drug-addled musings on masturbation.

Out of curiosity I asked if they carried The Go-Go's Video as part of their try to convince Elaine to react to David after he drops trou and starts masturbating.